new frequency

by pierre on 2020-3-26
some synth pop that played on loop on nts for the past two weeks. hula is so catchy they had to release two versions of the track on the record.
by pierre on 2020-3-26
latest block focus release, a little bit of jazz, tucked halfway between gil scott heron and the echoes of steve reich
by pierre on 2019-6-25
kenyan world house music released by gilles peterson. electronic 1080p vibes, interrupted by interviews of traditional musicians. radio highlife is what we need when you're coming back from the beach and the sunset veers the world towards orange.
by pierre on 2019-6-25
the solo album from kamaal williams' guitar player. a mix of distorted guitar solos, drum and bass from cockney, and a little sprinkle of night time. perfect for the opening pursuit scene in the sequel to AKIRA.
by pierre on 2019-3-26
fell upon this through diabaram, a track on the album featuring youssou n'dour, but it turns out that the whole album is strangely fascinating new order meets gaku choirs, hisaishi-esque wooden percussions, a remix from the rolling stones, a secret disco track. as odd and endearing as the lyrics of #6 - amore: good morning good evening where are you
by pierre on 2019-3-25
four tracks by ethiopian contemporary classical —a western substitute word for timeless—, with a delicately spaced piano, slightly off-tune strings and an arpeggiating voice that lifts moods and birds to the sky. the kind of music that can change how things are felt; recommended listening for when a break is needed.
by pierre on 2019-3-7
in honor of its upcoming re-edition, here is what could be my favorite record. stumbled upon robert ashley when i was working at PS1 and paul pinto performed `love is a good example`. the drony bed music, the stretching of the voice between automatic and humanistic, the words jumping from electrical engineering to physiological heartbeats caught me off guard. perfect lives is a 7-part opera for radio. this particular record includes the opening (the park (privacy rules)) and the closing (the backyard (t'be continued)). both are 21:43 in length. the whole set was also televised, and is one of the first pieces to include computer graphics -which haven't aged that well. recommended listening for when you're doing nothing, and wish you were in the mind of the american foster child of joyce and beckett.
by pierre on 2019-2-27
from piano ambient to steve reich arpeggios with a hint of synthesizers and field recordings here and there. the track keys gets into house territory. perfect for your bike ride in the morning when the wind is almost too cold.
by Gabor on 2019-2-24
Mesma's last release. A collection of emotional and highly textured sound environments ; four soundscapes built with low droning frequencies, colorful chord progressions and aerial melodies.
by Gabor on 2019-2-24
Y'all know what it is.
by Gabor on 2019-2-23
After Music For Nine Post Cards by Hiroshi Yoshimura and his own release featuring Midori Takada and others, Satoshi Ashikawa's choice for the third release on his label Wave Notation in 1984 was a collection of recordings from renowned Erik Satie interpreter Satsuki Shibano. Sorry this file is only a vinyl rip of the youtube album which was taken off. But it plays beautifully as a whole.
by pierre on 2019-2-22
two twenty minute tracks oscillating between elongated, obscure pads drenched in just enough reverb, and brief interludes of techno drums with middle-eastern arpeggios. just enough to put you in the headspace of someone heading for the kaaba, without ever tipping into the uselessly distorted. reminds me of the concept of jihad not as violent external action but as a life-long internal introspection of one's evils, and yearning for one's betterment.
by pierre on 2019-2-22
a compilation of ambient japanese works that were all released on the newsic label (including motohiko hamase, ryoji ikeda, the dudes from dumb type and masahiro sugaya). most of the tracks are pretty incredible, ranging from 80s hazy jazz with only hints of hi-hats in guise of full drum patterns (safety room), steve-reich-inspired mallets and marimba pieces (woods from the sea), and the good old pads-only ambient track (sealed).